May 11, 2021 Catch Announcements

CATCH (Care At The Core of Humanity) we believe every child deserves to be heard and here is a poem done by a girl from Mutoko .

Source: Discovering the children’s rights rainbow.

Topic: Adults Responsibilities to children.
It’s your duty adults.To have great care for children today.

Protect us from robbery, rape and all forms of abuse.

How can we study without caring and protection?

This is your role ,And if you refuse it,Who can send us to school and hospital?

The shona proverb says,”Chirere mangwana chigokurerawo”

Take care of us nowSo that we can take care of you in old age.

We want to be there, include us.We want to be heard, give us a voice.

We want to be inspired , inspire us.We want to be proud, take an interest in us.▲