Access to Justice for Children in Conflict with the Law HARARE, BULAWAYO, GWERU, MUTARE & BINDURA

Access to justice is a fundamental right in itself and an essential prerequisite for the protection and promotion of all other human rights for children.  Under this project, CATCH seeks to provide socio-legal services to children in conflict with the law, and to lobby for child friendly policy and practice. The objectives of the project include, the promotion of access to justice for children, rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law, lobbying, researching and advocating for children’s rights, as well as the raising of awareness on children’s rights. This initiative seeks to ensure that duty bearers adhere to set international standards as guided by national, regional and international legal frameworks that protect children.

Activities that CATCH conducts to ensure access to justice for children in conflict with the law include, Pre- and post-trial counseling, facilitate age estimation/ birth registration, family therapy and re-integration bail and fine payments, Detention monitoring, inmate support, court monitoring and accompaniment, case Conferencing, home Assessment Visits, peer support groups, legal representation, legal advice and behavioral counseling among others. CATCH also facilitates Pre-trial diversion which aims to divert children with non-serious offences and are first-time offenders from formal justice system. These activities have ensured that children in conflict with the law have access to relevant information and effective remedies to claim their rights.

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