Disclaimer !!!

Apr 22, 2021 Catch Announcements


CATCH would like to dismiss the malicious information circulating announcing availability of work-related learning placement at CATCH. CATCH is not associated with this letter at all levels. To note Care at The Core of Humanity does not operate with the name CATCH Trust but CATCH.

It is against our policies to publish announcements or vacancies via WhatsApp as we have protocols and procedures to follow. If there are any vacancies to be announced by CATCH they should appear at our website – www.catchngo.org , facebook- https://facebook.com/catchngo.org and twitter accounts @catch_zim_ . Any announcement received from other platforms besides the mentioned ones consider it a false announcement. To note CATCH does not have an organizational Whatsapp account or number, so any message you may receive on Whatsapp with any information related to CATCH disregard it.

CATCH does not conduct recruitment using external consultants, do not be duped with promises that you will get placement at our organization. When we recruit students for attachment we do not require any form of payment from students as it is our mandate to advance students careers through work related learning.

As of to date we are not recruiting students for work related learning! 

22 April 2021